The site is my semi-professional publication, launched in November 2022. In addition, I share a monthly newsletter about my learning and work as a full-time computer science student at Florida Atlantic University. I chose artificial intelligence as my minor and a concentration in data science analytics.

A little more detail.

I am a retired US Army Reserve Veteran and former public educator. Both careers were concurrent, spanning over a decade, respectively, between the years 2005 to 2021. I began teaching in 2005 and later enlisted in the military in 2010, after which I bounced back and forth between the middle east and the United States.

After a challenging period of growth: accomplishments, and failures, in 2019, I embarked on a path I had always wanted to pursue in computer science. I'm a postbaccalaureate student. So, most of my time is in a quiet study at home as my dog Star studies my every move and idiosyncrasy. (It's endearing and, at times, annoying.) The time, resources, and discipline is a blessing from the Lord, Jesus, to learn and serve in a way. I am grateful to Him even though I don't yet know the ins and outs of this new adventure.

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I post a comprehensive monthly newsletter about my learning experience. And in between, I drop a few notes about what I'm learning, not just in the course subject matter, but in some other related aspects too.

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I don't do comment sections in these divisive times. However, if you want to share anything with me, please email me at contact[at]iamdavidmoore.com. Thanks!

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